This club, Tudu Mighty Jets FC was formed in 1994. Its initial objective was to get rid of street boys within the Tudu community and give them a career in football and therefore the initial core players who were part of the club during the early days of the club were all Tudu boys with just a few coming from Adabraka and it’s neighborhood.The objective changed into purely that of a business when in 1999, the club through Dominico Ricci and Alhaji Grunsah, sold Razak Ibrahim alias Lentini to Sc Empoli of Italy for a transfer fee of 150, 000 dollars.Razak’s sale to Sc Empoli prompted the club to do a lot more scouting as it became very clear to the hierarchy of the club that, the club could benefit financially if they can have in their fold players as talented as Razak Ibrahim who had been sold to an italian club. The club then extended its scouting network to cover the length and breath of the country and from such extensive scouting work brought into the fold of the club players such as Daniel Coleman, Benjamin Tetteh, Kwame Nsor, Aaron Amoah, Emmanuel Kumah, David Acquah, philemon Kwasaa Tawiah, Augustine Awiah and many others who were groomed and transferred to clubs in Europe and elsewhere. Initially when these players were brought in, the club rented rooms in Accra -newtown and used these rented rooms as accommodation for these players.In 2006 the club was lucky again and this time in partnership with Midjiland Fc of Mamobi sold Prince Tagoe to an Arab club for a record fee of 1,000,000 dollars. The club used its share of that cash to acquire a club house which has served as accomodation for these extraordinary talents recruited by the club through it’s scouting network from far and near.Currently, the facility is housing 21 talents recruited from the various parts of this country.

Among them is Frederick Akatuk who was recruited from Kumasi some two years ago. He was discovered during one of the many inter zonal annual football competitions held within the kumasi Metropolis. Even at that tender age he was so prolific in front of the goal area that his playing mates during his school days could not help but to refer to him as ‘Kanoute’Since joining the Tudu based club, he has continued to be deadly infront of the goal post to the extent that he has already attracted the attention of the technical team of the national U-20 football team of Ghana and but for covid-19 which brought a tempory stop to contact sports , he would have been in camp with the national team by now. Frederick Tudu Mighty Jets considers you as one of it’s very special talents and would be counting on you as it tries to make an impact at the national level of Ghana football